The Kimono Placemat is arriving . On November 2 at 7 p.m., a drop of 10 unique pieces will be available.


The kimonos will also be unique pieces and in very, very limited quantities.

To make it, we need a lot of material, so we need very large curtains, in very good condition and these nuggets are rare and precious.

The Kimono Doily is mid-length with wide sleeves and a small matching belt. Each Kimono will be unique, handmade and personalized. The sheers will be cut so that the prettiest patterns are highlighted on your future Kimono but also in such a way as to avoid wasting material as much as possible .

Price: 185 euros

copyright to hugo poidevin:

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In the meantime, discover the placemats available for a pretty, unique piece!

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🍑 The Cutie


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🔥 The Sexy


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🍒 The Light


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🍐 Supportive Bra


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Up-cycling; we transform and revalorize existing materials.