Allier l'esthétique, l'éco-responsabilité et le confort

Napperon, the eco-responsible, unique and upcycled lingerie brand

Chez Napperon, nous pensons qu'il n'est pas impossible d'allier l'esthétique, l'écoresponsabilité et le confort dans une pièce de lingerie. 

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Napperon is an eco-responsible and upcycled lingerie brand. We transform doilies, veils and embroidered tablecloths into unique pieces of lingerie for everyone. All placemats are mottled, sorted, washed, ironed. The prettiest doilies will be offered to you every month on the site.

My name is Julie and in September 2020 I had an idea: to upgrade placemats into unique pieces of lingerie . Placemats are such pretty pieces made by our grannies and yet they are now neglected in everyone's cupboards. Whether crochet, cotton, sheer, white, beige, floral or transparent, they all have enormous potential and will surprise you.

No need to destroy our pretty planet to feel good in our pretty underwear. Upcycled materials, clearance supplies or made in France, French manufacturing (everything is handmade in the Basque Country), unique pieces. All the reasons to choose Napperon as their favorite brand of eco-responsible lingerie.

To know everything about the Napperon concept, come here!

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