Lightness that will do your body and heart good 💕

We revisit and uninhibit the conventional codes of lingerie and transform demure tops into more impertinent bottoms.


A second life

We upcycle, we transform and revalue existing materials to give them a second life. The other elements necessary for the design of the underwear are made in France or in Europe and when possible, from clearance.

We mainly produce to order to avoid unnecessary stock.


Handmade in the Basque Country

For Napperon, local and handmade are non-negotiable criteria. Our seamstresses make the pieces to order and adapt to the shape and material of each placemat. The objective is to revalorize the placemat as much as possible and to avoid the loss of fabric as much as possible.

We work with seamstresses in Saint Martin d'Arrossa and Bayonne, in the Basque Country, France.


For everyone

You can choose ultra-cute doilies, but also doilies that will make the room super sexy thanks to the play on transparency and lace. There are all sizes and for all bodies. Our panties are unisex, we adjust the crotch for the male gender. The most important thing is to feel good in your room!

Everyone is free to interpret lingerie in their own way.


Up-cycling; we transform and revalorize existing materials.