All doilies are carefully selected and then they are all washed and ironed . So they are clean and they smell good, no worries!

Absolutely ! If you have a precious placemat at home that you would like to transform, it is possible to send it to us, but we must first ensure a few details, you can make your request here.

Transformed doilies

For the moment, we offer simple shapes: bras without underwire and unisex panties. We have 2 top models: the light and supportive one and two bottom models: the cute and the sexy. To discover them, go here

YES ! Comfort is a non-negotiable criterion at Napperon: the models are designed to be simple, there are no frames, shells or ribs, the placemats are light and soft. The gusset part (inside our panties) is made of oekotex certified cotton. You will be really comfortable, we promise!

Like any lingerie, these are delicate pieces. We strongly advise you to wash them by hand or very occasionally in a delicate machine ( maximum 30°C ). And above all, always wash them in a Napperon washing bag or another brand of lingerie.

Unique piece

Yesssss! Each doily is very often unique. Most of the time 1 placemat = 1 piece of lingerie

Not all doilies accommodate all sizes of bras and panties. The smallest placemats allow you to make small pieces and the largest placemats will be reserved for larger sizes.

Everyone can find what they’re looking for there!


I get my supplies in different ways: in a recycling center, at Emmaüs, at a flea market but also I receive donations from people who no longer know what to do with their placemats, so if you too would like to make a donation, contact me !

I try as much as possible to obtain supplies in France or Europe. It's often complicated to find the right lingerie supplies, the right quality, the right color. I also find some in clearance and recycling. Discover my different suppliers on the Napperon team page

All pieces are designed in the Basque Country, France. I work with independent seamstresses who make your pieces with lots of love.

Delivery and return

Between 4 and 5 weeks for pieces that have not yet been transformed.🤠 For already transformed placemats, kimonos, scrunchies and pouches you can receive them within a week.

It's possible ! Everything is explained here regarding potential product returns.

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Up-cycling; we transform and revalorize existing materials.