Unique pieces from doilies

We revalue doilies, curtains, and embroidered tablecloths to make them unique pieces of lingerie , cute, sexy and comfortable.

We know our grandparents' placemats. They are cute, all in finesse and transparency, subtle and discreet, they veil and reveal. They always knew how to pose and dress.

But today they are doubling in boldness, madness and expressiveness to pose on our naked bodies. A still unexploited idea of ​​lingerie, unique creations that carry with them an entire era.

How to adopt a doily?

1. Personalization of a piece

1. I choose my shape

Choose your shape from two bras and two panties (mixed).
It is also possible to make sets . We invite you to check out the lookbook to get inspired!

unique pieces

Mix & Match

With Napperon it’s the big return of the mismatched.
You can take just one top, just one bottom, or put together your outfits as you wish! Free rein to your creativity.

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Up-cycling; we transform and revalorize existing materials.