Transform your own placemats

What if your unique piece of lingerie was made from a pretty doily found in your parents' closets or on your grandmother's coffee table?

Placemat is also there to give a second life to your family treasures.

Before starting any transformation, it is important to assess its feasibility.

Depending on the size, shape, condition of the placemat , curtain or embroidered tablecloth that you wish to transform, not everything will be possible depending on your size and the desired products.

To make your request you can fill out the form below, this will allow us to check whether the transformation is possible or not. 💛

Things to know before getting started

If your transformation request is favorable:

- The shipping costs of the package with your placemats are your responsibility

- Once the package has been received on our side, we check that the desired pieces can be made in the placemats sent before validating the order.

- You guarantee the quality of the placemats that you send us, if the placemats are not in such good condition and they do not allow us to make durable pieces, Napperon reserves the right to cancel the transformation.

- The price of parts is the same as that announced for each product on the site.

Once your pieces have been transformed:

- Take care of your transformed placemats , favor washing by hand or occasionally in the machine on delicate (30° max) and always in a washing bag. Placemats cannot be held responsible if the placemats become damaged over time.

and above all, enjoy these pretty pieces ❤️