The Mystery Kimono
The Mystery Kimono

The Mystery Kimono

Sale price129,00€
Matter:Slight transparency

Understand this price

The prices of our products have been carefully considered and worked out so that we all find what we are looking for.

At Napperon, we offer unique pieces, handmade by our independent seamstresses near Biarritz and to order . The prices we offer you are the minimum prices so that Napperon can live a long and happy life and continue to offer you beautiful unique pieces transformed just for you! ❤️


All in lightness

The kimono is a piece in which you will be comfortable.

We only use sheers to make the kimono for two reasons: the first is for their lightness and transparency which allows us to make such pretty, unique pieces. The second is that these are pieces large enough to transform into a Kimono Placemat.


Up-cycling; we transform and revalorize existing materials.