Les modèles chez Napperon

Models at Napperon

At Napperon, you will find different models of lingerie, depending on your morphology, you will find the most suitable model . We don't forget, all the pieces are unique and made from old doilies and embroidered tablecloths, it's the magic of upcycling, for the most eco-responsible lingerie possible. The bras Napperon offers you bras without underwiring, without shells and without stays for all sizes from 70A to 100 E (the development of larger sizes and in progress). The light bra: 85 euros Leger is a flexible triangle model , without particular support reinforcement. The straps are adjustable and an elastic accompanies the clasps on the back for more flexibility and amplitude . The maintenance model: 95 euros Support, as its name suggests, is more suitable for those looking for support but without feeling oppressed ! Without underwiring or shell, a simple reinforcement under the breast allows you to support your chest as pleasantly as possible. panties The panties are unisex, they are the same models for men and women, we adapt the crotch so that everything goes where it should, from 34 to 46. The mimi model: 55 euros The mimi is a classic slightly puffy cut. It is designed to be worn low but everyone is free to position it where you want it. The sexy model: 60 euros The sexy is designed for those who like high-waisted panties. Depending on your bust size, it will sit more or less just below your navel. It is more indented than the mimi but it's still very light. The elastics on the sides release the hips and give it that sexier side. To find out more, don't come here!
Napperon dans la presse

doily in the press

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Napperon, la marque de lingerie éco-responsable, unique et upcyclée

Napperon, the eco-responsible, unique and upcycled lingerie brand

Napperon is an eco-responsible and upcycled lingerie brand. We transform doilies, veils and embroidered tablecloths into unique pieces of lingerie for everyone. All placemats are mottled, sorted, washed, ironed. The prettiest doilies will be offered to you every month on the site. My name is Julie and in September 2020 I had an idea: to upgrade placemats into unique pieces of lingerie . Placemats are such pretty pieces made by our grannies and yet they are now neglected in everyone's cupboards. Whether crochet, cotton, sheer, white, beige, floral or transparent, they all have enormous potential and will surprise you. No need to destroy our pretty planet to feel good in our pretty underwear. Upcycled materials, clearance supplies or made in France, French manufacturing (everything is handmade in the Basque Country), unique pieces. All the reasons to choose Napperon as their favorite brand of eco-responsible lingerie. To know everything about the Napperon concept, come here!