Le Petiron

The "Petiron"

A duo of very small, very round, very cute doilies that lightly and subtly adorn your little boobies.

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Petiron n°4Petiron n°4
Petiron n°4
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Petiron n°5
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Petiron n°6
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Petiron n°8
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Petiron n°9
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Petiron n°10
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Petiron n°11
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Petiron surprisePetiron surprise
Petiron surprise
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🌼 Le Petiron

Little round placemats, very small, very cute! That’s the Petiron. A duo of placemats ready to enhance your chest, however small it may be.

This is not a classic bra. There is no hat, just two small doilies placed on your chest. It will not give you support (and if that is what you are looking for you will find what you are looking for with our Support bra which will hold your chest up to 100F without oppressing it), it is there to enhance, to subtly dress your chest.

The straps are adjustable and an elastic accompanies the hooks at the back for more flexibility and amplitude .


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